Still here.

Aren’t we all?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Truthfully, you crossed my mind twice. That I can remember. Although, false memories occur with a lack of sleep. Not even our memories are real. What a cruel world our mind has placed us in.

I like to incorporate string theory, with Buddhism, in an attempt to explain reality. It’s all about pulling strings.

It’s something like Chaos Theory with the flapping of a butterfly wings causing a Typhoon half a world away, every action has a reaction (that’s physics, sorry). If you pluck a string on a guitar, the string moves, which causes a vibration, that creates sound. The different ways you can pluck a string creates a multitude of sound, and that’s only on one string. Add the remaining strings of the instrument and we are faced with a seemingly endless array of notes that could possibly reach our ears.

Now we must understand that this represents the possibilities presented by one instrument, with a limited amount of strings, in one particular medium, reaching a pitch that can be heard by only certain animals. Multiply that by every instrument of that type on the planet, and we can understand the possibilities that can be reached in one melody by said instrument. That line of thinking takes us to the end of creative possibilities within that set of standards.

What we must understand then, is that our reality is the combination of many singular possibilities within a set of standards, that combine and interact with every other conscious beings’ set of possibility . Even though my reality may not be the same as yours (objectively NOR subjectively), they both interact creating a tangled hierarchy of what we perceive as real.

Simply by reading a single post you have encumbered yourself.

Choice is the driving force behind reality. Whether or not you believe you truly have free will, the world we live in is based on the choices of individuals that have come before us. Therefore, the choices you make will reverberate throughout time and space and be planted within history to influence the choices of generations that have yet to come. Flippant rejection of responsibility non-withstanding, every individual creates a reality for themselves and for every other conscious and unconscious being in which their reverberations make contact. Whether or not you have belief, there is no doubt that everything within this universe is connected. Everything you experience was created in a singular event of universal expansion that occurred billions of years ago. We are still experiencing the vibrations of that first string.

Where else would I be?

– Enigma


Let’s Get Lyrical

S.O.J.A. Waking Up

I’m Just now waking up
to what life is facing us
and to what we’ve all become
Some people call your name,
but it’s not the same…
I’m just now waking up

We think we know good,
we think we know the bad
we think we know just what
this world is spinning for

We think we move up,
while we’re stepping back
Increasing till this world,
it just can’t take no more

And I’ve got myself to blame, my
acid rain is my tears
My church is blue and green, from
space, I mean, its clear…

Were supposed to watch over
this world, cuz were the ones
all the tools and all the scars
But all we do is increase the
load, cuz were the ones with
all the guns and all the cars

And we’ve got our shoes to fill, and
we want until we drop
Cuz this race can’t be
endured if we don’t
know where to stop

We’re visiting here, were just
passing here, can’t settle down
were like the wind here, yeah we
blow in here and we blow out
But I’ve got myself to blame,
and I won’t be here for too long
But I’ll leave my footprints here
before we’re all gone

A bigger bang

Welcome to the multiverse.


Ever been told you couldn’t get something from nothing? Well, you can.  According to the uncertainty principle, even the vacuum of space experiences quantum energy fluctuations.  Now we can couple this with inflation theory, and with one of the greatest discoveries of all time, show our universe likely exploded from a similar fluctuation. This was a random event that odds are has happened many times before, and could happen many times again.  The unimaginable distances between universes unfortunately makes the likelihood of observing another universe practically impossible.

Now this brings on an interesting notion.  Just like something as small as an electron can pop in and out of existence in the quantum world, apparently something as large as a universe can do exactly the same thing.  Let that sink in for just a moment.  Reality is nothing more than the infinite possibility of multiversal expansion.

As Nikola Tesla put it, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We are beings of pure energy in a sea of pure energy.  A photon, a beam of light (energy), is forever trapped in an instance of time by the nature of it existing at the exact speed of light.  As soon as a photon particle is emitted, it reaches its destination; in any observable manner, no matter how many light-years distant.

To have any semblance of understanding existence, time, consciousness, heaven, or infinity, you have to understand these basic principles.  Energy has a principle of being unable to be created or destroyed.  The energy contained in our universe has always been here, and shall always remain.  Therefore, as you are essentially made up of nothing more than energy at a fundamental level the fabric of your existence shall always remain.  It is interconnected with everything perceivable and conceivable.  If there is a heaven; technically, you are already there.

That should be all the religion you need.

– Meister


Some of our best ideas are picked up from others.  Shakespeare never wrote an original play.  That being said, I lifted this from:

It was just so light and shiny.

“Life is a subjective experience and that cannot be escaped. Every experience I have comes through my own, personal, unsharable viewpoint. There can be no peer reviews of my direct experience, no real corroboration. This has some major implications for how I live my life. The most immediate one is that I realize I must trust my own personal experience, because nobody else has this angle, and I only have this angle. Another is that I feel more wonder for the world around me, knowing that any “objective” understanding I claim to have of the world is built entirely from scratch, by me. What I do build depends on the books I’ve read, the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve had. It means I will never see the world quite like anyone else, which means I will never live in quite the same world as anyone else — and therefore I mustn’t let outside observers be the authority on who I am or what life is really like for me. Subjectivity is primary experience — it is real life, and objectivity is something each of us builds on top of it in our minds, privately, in order to explain it all. This truth has world-shattering implications for the roles of religion and science in the lives of those who grasp it.”

Perhaps the most enlightening truth of all; objectivity is subjective.  The world is only what we believe it to be. While this is liberating, it can at the same time be horrifying for most people.  Coupled with the quantum science we discussed earlier, we cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are nothing more than a being living in a great holodeck and that our sensual reality is nothing more than the creation of our own individual imaginations.  That nothing is real except for the individual and their consciousness, more or less.  While this cannot be disproved as of yet, I don’t believe it to be true.  As I do not want to go off into the theoretical realms of thought at this juncture, I am not going to delve into this subject much.  If you are still interested, Dr. Amit Goswami expounds on this more in his work The Visionary Windowand in the documentary the “Quantum Activist”.

If you can observe your thoughts, your thoughts are not you.  Who then, is the observer?

– Meister

Let’s talk policy

Thanks to Robert Reich’s film “Inequality for All”, I can now say that consumer spending represents 70% of all economic activity.  Raising sales taxes, or taxes on the middle-class in general, would therefore place a restraint on economic growth.

The problem with saying that taxes on the “Job Creators” would also hinder growth is that the money the wealthy have or make has little to nothing to do with the economy.  In essence all they are saying is that CEO’s and entrepreneurs are being taxed for keeping wages low and creating enormous profits for their companies; which in turn earns them enormous compensation.  The reason this has no economic validity is that the rich can only purchase so many items.  They may have some of the most luxurious, expensive items that money can buy; but they only need so many cars.  By eliminating taxes like the estate tax, which really only effects people with assets in excess of five million dollars, we are taking away any real opportunity to return a portion of our nation’s wealth into the hands of people who will spend it and create positive market activity.  I am not an advocate of the redistribution of wealth at all.  I believe people work hard, make intelligent decisions, and should be entitled to the fruit of their successes.  However, I there should be some return of that success into the nation that enabled that person to thrive in at least a modest percentage.

The only way for our country to continue to grow is to expand the middle class.  This can only be accomplished by making sure to pay higher wages to American workers to enable them to spend more of their income.  To make this happen corporations will need to either increase their compensation or pay increased taxes on their profits.  I believe a compromise could be struck that would enable corporations that pay higher wages be taxed at a much lower corporate rate than those who don’t (qualifying factors must apply, of course); but we would have to raise the corporate tax rate from its current level to be punitive to those companies that don’t comply.  If we applied this tax on foreign conglomerates who import goods to us, it would begin to slow outsourcing as well.

As a nation we should also look at increasing the tax on capital gains to at least 20-22%.  While this would lessen the incentive to invest your income, the idea of money making you more money that you still pay substantially less taxes on is quite enticing.  This would lessen the incentive of compensation in the form of stock options, and would remove a loophole that allows people to escape paying the normal federal income tax rate.  We should also look at creating additional tax revenue from financial players as this is where the money is, so to speak.

In an effort to be fair and balanced, some entitlement programs will need to be looked at as well.  Raising the social security retirement age to 70, or even 75 with early retirement at 70 is one of the essential changes that will have to be made.  Social security was never meant to be a retirement plan for people, it was created as a safety net to ensure as people neared the end of their lives they had enough money to survive on.  Today, thanks to advancements in medicine and treatment of illness and disease, people are living much longer than they were in the late 1930’s.  I believe that a 10 year phase-in would be critical, with people age 60 or older being exempt from the new policy.  We also need to remove the cap on social security taxable income.  We could place a tax on incomes above $250,000 at a substantially lower rate than on the first quarter-million, but still generate some Social Security funding. While this would be a drastic change from how people currently plan their retirements, the increased wages and opportunities to invest in their own retirements would give American workers a chance to have a great retirement.  With the added benefit of making Social Security solvent for many more generations.

I could drone on about this for days, but I’ll save that for the comments and future posts.  Good day, dear readers.

– Enigma

That never-ending dream

Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005)

The tantalizing allure of the question “What is the nature of existence and what is its relationship with consciousness?” has captured many a mind; most notably…mine.  Well, many physicists have uncovered this true nature of our existence to an absolute certainty.  The answer was easy enough to find, a little more difficult to understand.  I could name the physicists and explain their experiments, but for the sake of brevity just trust me on this one.  Simply put: The physical make-up of our reality is that there is no physical make-up of reality.  At the most fundamental level of our existence, at the zero-point of our being, there is absolutely nothing.  Matter at this level simply does not exist.  The “quantum world” is comprised merely of energy and of its many vortexes and vibrations.  You are nothing more than a being of spinning, vibrating energy.

Down, down the rabbit-hole.

Shouldn’t we then be able to disrupt these vibrations, to increase or decrease their frequency and intensity, and make a change to the fundamental fabric of the nature of existence?  Why, yes.  Yes we can.  Experiments in quantum physics prove that electrons only exist within a cloud of possibility.  These electrons have the ability to pop in and out of existence as if someone were clapping a lamp on and off.  This is proven by experiment that shows that electrons travel in the same manner as energy does, in waves.  This is peculiar because we know that electrons are particles of matter, and that those particles should be real, tangible things.  What’s amazing is that you are still right.  Electrons are real particles of matter, but only when observed.  When we try to measure, or view an electron it is a particle of matter, when we do not is essentially nothing more than a wave of energy.  These building block particles are what give atomic elements the ability to form bonds, which in essence gives atoms the ability to create everything we can perceive.  The only conceivable explanation is that our conscious observation, our consciousness itself, collapses the wave of possibility into an observable particle.  When you are looking it is there, when you are not looking it is a wave of possibility.  This groundbreaking discovery has led many to see consciousness as the grand creator of our universe in its physical existence.

Don’t get too full of yourself just yet.  It’s not only your consciousness that creates this reality to which we all belong, but to the collective consciousness of all that live, have lived, or will live.  Some people call this collective consciousness a higher consciousness, a notion that can be attributed to a God, or God, that can be tapped into to give one the feeling of the “Supreme Identity”, a oneness with everything ascertained by Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) as Nirvana.  By extension, of course, the knowledge of this and the ability to tap into it is what is referred to as becoming Enlightened.  That is for another conversation, and for you to decide.  Moving on.

Irregardless of the religious implications, the knowledge of a fundamental truth such as this should have profound effects on the relationships between people, neighbors, nations, and even other worlds.  The inter-connectivity of all living beings on a fundamental level must be acknowledged and would thus cause a complete shift in how humans view their environment, and their reality.  Unfortunately many people refuse to accept scientific facts, nor do many have the capacity to understand such complex thought.  As we evolve, hopefully so will our ability to understand and utilize consciousness for the greatest benefit of mankind.  I remain wistfully optimistic.

– Meister

Fresh from the grease

Welcome.  I hope the purpose of this site will be to discuss current events, ideas, and under-reported topics that our various authors deem fit.  Knowing the unpredictable nature of things makes it more likely that this site could spin off into a multitude of areas that I, currently, can not predict.  For that reason and for the sake of posterity, this is where it started.

– Enigma