Fresh from the grease

Welcome.  I hope the purpose of this site will be to discuss current events, ideas, and under-reported topics that our various authors deem fit.  Knowing the unpredictable nature of things makes it more likely that this site could spin off into a multitude of areas that I, currently, can not predict.  For that reason and for the sake of posterity, this is where it started.

– Enigma


2 thoughts on “Fresh from the grease

  1. Freshly Fried Brains? I’m in the right spot. Nothing better than a brain, fried with grease or whatever else you may chooe to fry it in. Yeah, I don’t choose grease either. After you try fried brain, you’ll never go back to raw brains, not if you have a say in the matter. Earlier while I was frying brains, I thought of some topics that may relate to your ‘current events, ideas, and under-reported topics that our various authors deem fit.’ So here goes.

    Current Events: Why current? Are past events just as relevant and up for discussion?

    Ideas: Are longer lifespans natural? I always considered them to be unnatural and mostly due to constantly improving medical practices and discoveries. Today was the first time I considered that maybe longer lifespans is part of evolution.

    Under-reported topics: Okay first off twitch beat Pokemon Red in 16 days. Second off I told my parents Frank Underwood is one of my new idols, they told me they have seen the show and he is a murderer, I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

  2. For future reference: Please tag your posts/comments or comment as other than blog. Too much confusion. Too many drugs. I won’t know what I wrote and what I didn’t.

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