A bigger bang

Welcome to the multiverse.



Ever been told you couldn’t get something from nothing? Well, you can.  According to the uncertainty principle, even the vacuum of space experiences quantum energy fluctuations.  Now we can couple this with inflation theory, and with one of the greatest discoveries of all time, show our universe likely exploded from a similar fluctuation. This was a random event that odds are has happened many times before, and could happen many times again.  The unimaginable distances between universes unfortunately makes the likelihood of observing another universe practically impossible.

Now this brings on an interesting notion.  Just like something as small as an electron can pop in and out of existence in the quantum world, apparently something as large as a universe can do exactly the same thing.  Let that sink in for just a moment.  Reality is nothing more than the infinite possibility of multiversal expansion.

As Nikola Tesla put it, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We are beings of pure energy in a sea of pure energy.  A photon, a beam of light (energy), is forever trapped in an instance of time by the nature of it existing at the exact speed of light.  As soon as a photon particle is emitted, it reaches its destination; in any observable manner, no matter how many light-years distant.

To have any semblance of understanding existence, time, consciousness, heaven, or infinity, you have to understand these basic principles.  Energy has a principle of being unable to be created or destroyed.  The energy contained in our universe has always been here, and shall always remain.  Therefore, as you are essentially made up of nothing more than energy at a fundamental level the fabric of your existence shall always remain.  It is interconnected with everything perceivable and conceivable.  If there is a heaven; technically, you are already there.

That should be all the religion you need.

– Meister


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