Let’s Get Lyrical

S.O.J.A. Waking Up

I’m Just now waking up
to what life is facing us
and to what we’ve all become
Some people call your name,
but it’s not the same…
I’m just now waking up

We think we know good,
we think we know the bad
we think we know just what
this world is spinning for

We think we move up,
while we’re stepping back
Increasing till this world,
it just can’t take no more

And I’ve got myself to blame, my
acid rain is my tears
My church is blue and green, from
space, I mean, its clear…

Were supposed to watch over
this world, cuz were the ones
all the tools and all the scars
But all we do is increase the
load, cuz were the ones with
all the guns and all the cars

And we’ve got our shoes to fill, and
we want until we drop
Cuz this race can’t be
endured if we don’t
know where to stop

We’re visiting here, were just
passing here, can’t settle down
were like the wind here, yeah we
blow in here and we blow out
But I’ve got myself to blame,
and I won’t be here for too long
But I’ll leave my footprints here
before we’re all gone


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