Still here.

Aren’t we all?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Truthfully, you crossed my mind twice. That I can remember. Although, false memories occur with a lack of sleep. Not even our memories are real. What a cruel world our mind has placed us in.

I like to incorporate string theory, with Buddhism, in an attempt to explain reality. It’s all about pulling strings.

It’s something like Chaos Theory with the flapping of a butterfly wings causing a Typhoon half a world away, every action has a reaction (that’s physics, sorry). If you pluck a string on a guitar, the string moves, which causes a vibration, that creates sound. The different ways you can pluck a string creates a multitude of sound, and that’s only on one string. Add the remaining strings of the instrument and we are faced with a seemingly endless array of notes that could possibly reach our ears.

Now we must understand that this represents the possibilities presented by one instrument, with a limited amount of strings, in one particular medium, reaching a pitch that can be heard by only certain animals. Multiply that by every instrument of that type on the planet, and we can understand the possibilities that can be reached in one melody by said instrument. That line of thinking takes us to the end of creative possibilities within that set of standards.

What we must understand then, is that our reality is the combination of many¬†singular possibilities within a set of standards, that combine and interact with every other conscious beings’ set of possibility . Even though my reality may not be the same as yours (objectively NOR subjectively), they both interact creating a tangled hierarchy of what we perceive as real.

Simply by reading a single post you have encumbered yourself.

Choice is the driving force behind reality. Whether or not you believe you truly have free will, the world we live in is based on the choices of individuals that have come before us. Therefore, the choices you make will reverberate throughout time and space and be planted within history to influence the choices of generations that have yet to come. Flippant rejection of responsibility non-withstanding, every individual creates a reality for themselves and for every other conscious and unconscious being in which their reverberations make contact. Whether or not you have belief, there is no doubt that everything within this universe is connected. Everything you experience was created in a singular event of universal expansion that occurred billions of years ago. We are still experiencing the vibrations of that first string.

Where else would I be?

– Enigma